Points collection rate

$50 in store = 1 point

helloworld are a fresh new travel brand with a long solid history in the travel industry. Their aim is to offer a real alternative for discovering the world through crafting travel experiences that suit your individual needs. helloworld lets you plan your trip when and how you want, through a nationwide network of independently owned and operated stores and a comprehensive website. As passionate and experienced travellers, they understand what goes into making a great trip and go the extra mile to make sure your next holiday is your best one yet!


Telephone 0800 80 84 80 toll-free to locate your nearest helloworld store.

More information

For more information about Helloworld visit www.helloworld.co.nz

Terms and Conditions

Fly Buys points will be issued for all forms of payment except Airline Travel Cards.

You can arrange your travel over the phone or by visiting your local helloworld store.

Fly Buys points are collected only when full monies have been paid by the Fly Buys member for the applicable goods and services.

Fly Buys points cannot be issued on some purchases. This includes airport taxes, travellers cheques, foreign currency, taxes, visas, passports, domestic insurance, cancellation fees, booking fees and service fees.

Purchases by a non-Fly Buys member for a person who is a Fly Buys member do not qualify for Fly Buys points.

Fly Buys points are issued at the standard rate on the redemption of helloworld Gift Cards.