NZ Safety

Points collection rate

$30 (excl GST = 1 point (monthly cumulative spend)

During 2016, NZ Safety, Blackwoods Protector and Packaging House will join forces to become NZ Safety Blackwoods, offering you the best in Safety, Engineering Supplies, Uniforms and Packaging.

Products and service

We won't gamble with your safety and neither should you.

When you work with NZ Safety, you're dealing with a company dedicated to making sure New Zealand's workers make it home safely, every day.

We offer training and expert advice to ensure you have the best safety equipment for the job at hand. We help ensure it is the right fit, and you know how to use and maintain it correctly.

Don't gamble with safety, work with us and work safer.

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Terms and Conditions
  1. Standard point for each $30 (excl GST) of Qualifying Products and or Services
    • For Cash and Account sales Fly Buys points are issued against one months cumulative spend
  2. All Products and Services qualify
  3. Only small and medium businesses are eligible to collect Fly Buys points on purchases made at NZ Safety Ltd
    • NZ Safety Ltd defines small and medium businesses as those that are not:
      • Government entities: Crown entity (as defined in the Crown Entities Act 2004); Department (as defined in the State Sector Act 1988); State Enterprise (as defined in the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986); Local Authority, Regional Council or Territorial Authority (each as defined in the Local Government Act 2002); District Council (as defined in the Local Government Act 1974); or
      • Excluded entities: NZ Safety management reserves the right to exclude any entity that is not deemed to be a small or medium sized business
    • Entities will be excluded from Fly Buys points at NZ Safety when an owner(s) cannot be easily identified
    • Agents and / or officers of an entity are not owner