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Points collection rate

1 point for every $50 (excluding GST) spent by a qualifying Trents account customer in a week, so long as the aggregate amount of that customer’s qualifying spend in that week:

  • exceeds $250, if the customer is a charge account holder; or
  • exceeds $100, if the customer is a cash card holder.

Products and services

Trents specialises in the supply of products for your everyday grocery and food needs for business, clubs, institutions, schools and organisations.

Trents are strictly business 2 business.


Trents have 4 conveniently located outlets in the South Island. Full service and delivery by arrangement.

Contact us

For more information on Trents please visit

Terms and Conditions
  1. Qualifying spend excludes spend on: tobacco, cigarettes, phone cards and certain other non-qualifying products (ask your Trents outlet for details); service charges such as small order, delivery charges and keg deposits; and for charge account holders, spend with Trents Charge Through supplier partners.
  2. To be a qualifying Trents account customer you must have submitted a completed Fly Buys Registration form to Trents and have your Fly Buys card number linked by Trents to your Trents account.
  3. Additional terms and conditions apply and can be viewed on the Trents Fly Buys Registration Form available at