What is Fly Buys?

Fly Buys is New Zealand’s largest loyalty programme, rewarding New Zealanders for the things they do every day.

It’s simple - do your day-to-day shopping and spending with Fly Buys partners, collect Fly Buys points, and treat yourself to something from the Fly Buys store.

There are over 50 partners across the country and online where you can collect points – from retail stores to services for your home like electricity and insurance.

Our online rewards store has over 2,500 different things to choose from as well as any Air New Zealand flight.

There are some great features to Fly Buys that help you collect points faster. You can link your account with family and friends and collect points faster together. And, if you run a business, you can collect your points on your business spend.

It’s free to join, and couldn’t be easier to sign up either online or through the app. Then, simply swipe or scan your card when you’re shopping with one of the many stores in our Fly Buys network, and you’ll be collecting points straight away.

When you sign up you can choose how you want us to contact you. A few times a year, we’ll send you an activity summary, so you can see how many points you’ve got in the bank, as well as a copy of The Good Stuff Rewards Guide, so you can see what Fly Buys goods you might pick up next. Of course, you can also keep track of your points and order your next reward right here.

Company information

Fly Buys is managed by Loyalty New Zealand Limited. Launched in 1996, Loyalty New Zealand is New Zealand’s expert in customer loyalty.

Our head office is in Wellington:

PO Box 3451
New Zealand

Level 3, NZX Centre,
11 Cable St,
Wellington, New Zealand

Contact numbers:
Phone: +64 4 803 5400
Fax: +64 4 802 4070

Are you a Fly Buy member and need help or just want to get in touch? Please call:
0800 FLY BUYS (0800 359 2897), Mon — Fri, 8am — 6pm (excluding public holidays).

For all other queries such as becoming a Fly Buys partner and or a Fly Buys rewards supplier, please visit the Loyalty New Zealand's website