Flybuys Online Retailers Terms and Conditions


A. Members of the Flybuys Programme can earn Flybuys as a result of eligible purchases with those retailers that are set out on the Online Retailers section of the Flybuys website ( Online Retailers).

B. By earning Flybuys with Online Retailers, you acknowledge and agree that you are subject to:

C. Each capitalised term used but not defined in these Flybuys online retailer terms and conditions has the meaning given to it in the Flybuys membership terms and conditions.

D. The Flybuys website, any information contained on it (including these terms and conditions) and the earning of Flybuys with Online Retailers will be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, New Zealand law. The New Zealand courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disputes concerning matters involving the foregoing.

1. Eligibility to earn Flybuys via Online Retailers

1.1. To be eligible to earn Flybuys via Online Retailers, you must:

  • be a member of the Flybuys Programme;
  • be logged into your Flybuys Account;
  • access the Online Retailer’s website via a link from the Flybuys website; and
  • have cookies enabled on your browser (as set out below).

1.2. All Flybuys offers via Online Retailers are only available online and do not apply to any in-store purchases.

1.3. The following transactions with Online Retailers may not be eligible to earn Flybuys:

  • any payment made using vouchers, promo codes or gift cards; and
  • any purchases of gift cards; and
  • any purchases that are made using any form of buy now pay later or other extended credit facility.

2. Earning Flybuys via Online Retailers

2.1. You can earn Flybuys for eligible purchases you make with Online Retailers by accessing the Online Retailer’s e-store via the Flybuys website.

2.2. To earn Flybuys, you must make your purchase with an Online Retailer in the same session after having clicked the “Shop Now” button on the Flybuys website.

2.3. The Flybuys earn rate for each Online Retailer is set out on the profile page of the relevant Online Retailer on the Flybuys website.

2.4. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, Flybuys are not issued on any shipping costs charged by an Online Retailer.

2.5. Online Retailers may be removed from the Flybuys website at any time without notice. Once removed, you can no longer earn Flybuys with that Online Retailer. Flybuys earn rates for individual Online Retailers may also be changed on the Flybuys website at any time without notice.

2.6. The purchase price of all products/services offered by Online Retailers is in the currency specified on the Online Retailer’s website. It is your responsibility to check with the Online Retailer if you are not sure about the currency of your purchase.

2.7. Where the purchase currency is not in New Zealand dollars, the number of Flybuys attributed to your purchase is calculated by:

  • converting the purchase currency into New Zealand dollars; and
  • dividing the New Zealand dollar value of the transaction by the applicable Flybuys earn rate stated on the Flybuys website.

2.8. The process of approving purchases and informing us that a purchase has been completed is the sole responsibility of the Online Retailer you purchase from and we are not responsible for any failure by the Online Retailer to inform us that an eligible purchase has been completed.

2.9. Flybuys should be credited to your Flybuys Account within 10 business days of your eligible purchase. Flybuys will automatically convert into the Reward Currency selected for your Flybuys Account at the time of processing.

2.10. We may be unable, or elect not, to allocate Flybuys earned via Online Retailers to your Flybuys Account (or deduct Flybuys earned via Online Retailers from your Flybuys Account) in the circumstances set out in clause 7.1 of the Flybuys membership terms and conditions and, in addition, where:

  • you return your purchased products to the Online Retailer;
  • an invalid payment method was used when making your purchase or an ineligible product was purchased (as described in clause 1.3 of these terms and conditions);
  • you have not enabled cookies on your browser (as described in clause 3 of these terms and conditions); or
  • the Online Retailer failed to notify us of your eligible purchase due to a failure in cookie tracking/verification or other technical issue.

2.11. We are not responsible for the availability or content of any Online Retailer’s website. We are not liable for any product defects and give no warranties as to the delivery or condition of an Online Retailer’s products. You must contact the Online Retailer directly if you have a question or complaint about any product purchased.

2.12. Individual Online Retailer terms and conditions apply, including any terms relating to delivery, cancellation, refund and return. Please see the relevant Online Retailer’s website for further information.

2.13. If you have any questions about the number of Flybuys earned or missing Flybuys, you can contact us here.

3. Cookies

3.1. As you purchase products directly from an Online Retailer, we use cookies to track your journey to the Online Retailer’s website and the Online Retailer then reports your purchase back to us.

3.2. In order to receive Flybuys for purchases made via Online Retailers, you must ensure that cookies are turned on in your browser and that your browser security settings allow the use of cookies.

3.3. If cookies are not enabled, we will be unable to track your purchases and you will not be allocated any Flybuys for your purchases.

3.4. We do not share your personally identifiable information with any Online Retailer or affiliate marketing platform and use a tracking ID to determine what you have purchased and how many Flybuys should be allocated to you.

3.5. You can learn more about cookies in the Flybuys privacy statement and how to enable cookies on your browser here.