New World Dollars

New World Dollars is 1 of 3 ways to be rewarded with Flybuys when you earn at our partners. 1 New World Dollar is the same as 1 New Zealand Dollar when used in-store or online at New World, so you can top up your groceries when you need to or add treats to your trolley. If you choose New World Dollars, you’ll need to select the Flybuys earning New World Clubcard that you want the New World Dollars loaded onto. You can then use that Clubcard to spend them and use it to earn more Flybuys at our partners. Every time your account reaches 28 Flybuys, you’ll get to enjoy another 5 New World Dollars.
The automatic conversion of Flybuys into New World Dollars will cease at 11.59pm on 31st October 2024. New World Dollars expire two years after the latest New World Dollars were added to your Clubcard, so you have plenty of time to spend them.

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