Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys 

Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys is 1 of 3 ways you can choose to be rewarded when you earn at our partners. Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys are available to earn up until 11.59pm on 30 September for use up until 11.59pm 31 October.
You or anyone on your account can save 3 cents off per litre on up to 50L of fuel at Z and participating Caltex sites, each time you reach 4 Flybuys. You can combine this with your Pumped Daily Discounts from Z and Caltex for even bigger savings, and if you spend $40 or more on fuel, you can choose to save the discounts up for later if you don’t want to use them right away. Unused discounts expire at the end of the month following the month that the discounts are added to your account.

How to maximise your Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys

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