Collect points using: Fly Buys card

Collection rate

$50 (excl GST) = 1 point


Stock up on points.

If you love giving your customers the best, then Gilmours is the business you turn to. Gilmours supply quality products to restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, institutions, schools, businesses and organisations. Gilmours love to see businesses thrive and they love to give you points. So don’t miss out – turn your business expenses into a nice little points earner!

You’ll get 1 point for every $50 you spend (excl GST). When you’re buying in bulk for your business, the points will add up so you can treat yourself or your staff. There’s over 5,000 rewards to choose from, including travel!

Gilmours have 8 conveniently located outlets in the North Island. Full service and delivery by arrangement. See the map below for your closest location.

Terms and conditions

  1. Qualifying spend excludes spend on:
    1. tobacco, cigarettes, phone cards and infant formula;
    2. service charges such as small order, delivery charges and keg deposits; and
    3. purchases attracting a level of discount above the norm (as determined by Gilmours).
  2. To be a qualifying Gilmours account customer you must have submitted a completed Gilmours Fly Buys Registration Form and have your Fly Buys card number linked by Gilmours to your Gilmours account. Some customer exclusions apply, please contact Gilmours for more information.
  3. Additional terms and conditions apply and can be viewed on the Gilmours Fly Buys Registration Form available at

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