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Earn Flybuys when you rent a car from Europcar.

Whether you’re embarking on a road trip, in need of a weekend rental or heading away on business, Europcar is here to help make your journey enjoyable, stress free and rewarding.

Earn Flybuys on Europcar rentals in New Zealand, Australia and selected international destinations. Choose from their range of latest model cars featuring affordable sedans through to luxury SUV models and utes.

When you book with Europcar New Zealand, you’ll get 1 Flybuys for every $20 NZD spent in New Zealand and 1 Flybuys for every $20 AUD spent in Australia. Want to explore beyond New Zealand and Australia? Europcar is the first and only car rental partner to offer Flybuys overseas. Earn 20 Flybuys per rental at selected international destinations.

Just call 0800 800 115 or book online at Remember to submit your Flybuys card number at the time of booking and that the named driver on your rental agreement must be the same as the name on the Flybuys card you submit to earn Flybuys.

Europcar love to see their customers being rewarded with Flybuys - so make that dream trip happen and earn as you go.


Terms and conditions

If you are a member of Flybuys, all your qualifying Europcar rentals accrue the benefits according to the earn rules and regulations. To ensure the applicable Flybuys are attributed to your account:

- You must be the named driver on the rental agreement and the Flybuys cardholder

- You are required to present your applicable member card number at the time of booking and at vehicle collection

- You can only earn Flybuys for one rental at any one time Flybuys are issued on the base rate (time and kilometre) of rental only.

  • Flybuys are not issued on premium location surcharge, fuel, cover products, admin fees, GST and other miscellaneous stays.
  • Flybuys may not be issued on staff rates, corporate rates, redemption bookings, tour or certain travel industry rates, insurance and leasing vehicle rates, Europcar mini-lease rates, complimentary rentals, rental products such as ski racks, infant seats etc. and rentals booked with offers at a discount of 20% or more where the offer has stated that it won’t attract loyalty program benefits.
  • Flybuys will be earned for Europcar rentals at all eligible corporate Europcar locations when booking directly via Europcar using your Flybuys member number. For pick-ups in Australia, Earn 1 Flybuys for every AU$20 spent. For pick-ups in New Zealand, earn 1 Flybuys for every NZ$20 spent.
  • For pick-ups at eligible Europcar corporate locations outside of Australia or New Zealand (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium & Italy), earn a total of 20 Flybuys per rental when booking directly via Europcar New Zealand using your Flybuys member number.
  • In addition to Privilege membership, only one loyalty points program may be nominated per rental and the renter name must be the same as the membership name of that particular program.
  • Members must quote their Flybuys number when making a reservation or at the counter at checkout.
  • Europcar standard age, credit card and driver requirements apply.
  • For more information refer to the full Terms and Conditions of Rental


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