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Collection rate

Multiple collection rates


Earn Flybuys with your thoughts!

With Kantar New Zealand you can complete simple online surveys when and where it suits you. Earn a minimum of 5 Flybuys for every online survey you complete!

Occasionally some surveys are slightly longer but don’t worry, they’ll give you Flybuys for that too. You might not always qualify for each survey, but you’ll still be automatically entered into a monthly prize draw to win 500 Flybuys!

Every cardholder on your account can complete surveys and earn Flybuys so get them signed up and watch your balance grow.

Specific Collection Rates

Kantar New Zealand will advise you on the estimated time required to complete each survey. The number of Flybuys you earn is based on this estimated time of completion.

Survey time:

Under 5 minutes = 5 Flybuys

10-15 minutes = 10 Flybuys

16-20 minutes = 15 Flybuys

21-25 minutes = 20 Flybuys

Over 25 minutes = 30 Flybuys

Flybuys for Business

Kantar New Zealand love to know what business people think too so if you’re a business owner, or a key decision maker in a business, you can also sign up to receive Kantar New Zealand business surveys. That way you can share your knowledge and we can share the points – it’s win, win!

Sign up to the Kantar New Zealand Survey Panel now.

Terms and conditions


Kantar New Zealand conduct surveys for a variety of businesses, on a variety of issues. They target specific types of people for each survey, therefore, you may not qualify to complete every survey you are approached about.