Collection rate

20 litres of fuel cumulative = 1 Flybuys


Pump fuel. Get an instant discount. And earn Flybuys. Plus get Bonus Flybuys on coffee, gas, oil and car washes.

With over 200 Z stations around the country, you don’t have to go out of your way to fill up. Z is the one stop location to fuel up, grab a Z Espress coffee made from 100% Certified Fairtrade beans, pick up few items or make your car sparkle like new with a Z2O wash.

Every litre counts at Z

Every time you reach 20 litres you’ll earn 1 Flybuys, so if you bought 15 litres last week and 35 litres this week, you’ll earn two Flybuys and be half way towards your next one.* Fuel purchases by all members on your account are added together so the Flybuys quickly build up.

*Please note that litres accumulated towards your next Flybuys when using Pay in App or Pay by Plate will only count toward future fills using the same payment method. Also, litres accumulated when using Pay at Pump or when paying in-store, will only count towards future fills where payment is made by one of those methods.

Z love to give you Bonus Flybuys.

You’ll also earn extra Flybuys when you get your favourite things including Z Espress coffee, SWAP ‘n Go gas bottle, take home oil packs or a Z20 car wash.

Pumped Daily Discount

Instantly save at least 6c off per litre with Pumped at Z. There's no minimum spend and you'll get the discount up to 50 litres. Or you can stack your discount for bigger savings later when you spend $40 or more on fuel. Plus, you'll earn Flybuys too. It’s easy, just scan your Flybuys card or app.

Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys

You or anyone on your Flybuys account can save 3c off per litre each time you reach 4 Flybuys, and you can combine this discount with your Pumped Daily Discount for even bigger savings.

Want to be rewarded with Pumped Fuel Discounts? Select Pumped Fuel Discounts as your preferred currency here.


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