All Flybuys members can save on fuel at Z & Caltex with Pumped

Scan your Flybuys card or app to get an instant discount.

Save at least 6 cents per litre every time, plus earn Flybuys.

As well as being able to earn Flybuys at Z & Caltex, all Flybuys members can enjoy a Daily Discount of at least 6 cents off per litre every time you need to fuel up - when you scan your Flybuys card or app.

And keep an eye out for Super Pumped days which offer a higher Daily Discount, and special Pumped offers.

Each time you spend over $40 on fuel, you can choose whether to use your discount on the spot or stack them for a bigger fill later. You can stack as many times as you like but remember, Pumped Fuel Discounts expire at the end of the following month after they are earned.

Fuel Discounts really add up if you choose to be rewarded with Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys too. Because on top of your Pumped Daily Discount of at least 6c off per litre, you get an extra 3c off per litre off for every 4 Flybuys you’ve earned. In fact, in the 12 months to 6 February 2023, Flybuys members got 1,899 free tanks (up to 50L) by combining and stacking their Fuel Discounts.

You can check your balances available by logging into your account on the Flybuys website or mobile app.


Use these little-known Flybuys hacks for big fuel discounts

With Flybuys, Z and Caltex you can get big discounts on fuel with Pumped Fuel Discounts. Not everyone knows about them. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Scan your Flybuys at Z and Caltex to get Daily Discounts of at least 6c off per litre on each fill.
  2. Plus, choose Pumped Fuel Discounts as your Flybuys reward and every 4 Flybuys you earn, will get you an extra 3 cents off per litre.
  3. Scan your Flybuys every time you shop at a Flybuys partner, including Z, Caltex, New World, Noel Leeming, Liquorland, Torpedo7 and many others, to really pump up your Fuel Discounts faster.
  4. And one last hack to make even more of your Pumped Fuel Discounts – when you make a small fill at Z or Caltex, and it’s over $40, you can choose to stack the discount and save it for a bigger fill later. You’re welcome!

For full Pumped Fuel Discounts terms and conditions click here.

To see participating Caltex sites click here.

Find out more about choosing Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys: click here

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