Collecting Fly Buys Points as a flat means your points will pile up. That means you'll get rewards way faster. By pooling your points in one account, you will get whatever it is you're all dreaming of sooner.


Join together as a flat.

Collect points together.


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Fly Buys Flats

With Fly Buys every time you fill up with petrol, do the flat groceries or head down to pick up drinks for a party you're getting closer to a sweet reward for your flat.

Maybe it’s a new iPod dock and DVD player for the lounge or a sweet popcorn maker for a flat movie marathon. That’s gravy, that is, free stuff from Fly Buys.

How, you ask?

Setting your flatties up with cards for your Fly Buys account is easy. You can get each flattie their own Fly Buys card so when they’re shopping they’re collecting points too.

When setting up the rest of your flat, remember that BNZ is the only bank with Fly Buys and turn on the lights with Contact. This all helps the flat collect more points together.

If you’re already a Fly Buys Member make sure we have your correct deets.

a few good tips:

  • make sure all your flatties have cards.
  • make sure you all carry your Fly Buys cards with you.
  • look out for bonus point offers.
  • get your flat bank account with bnz.
  • suss the flat power with contact energy.
  • give us your email address - we'll have special offers and rad giveaways just for you.