What is the difference between standard Flybuys and bonus Flybuys?

You collect standard Flybuys when you do your everyday shopping at a Flybuys partner, and swipe your card. For example, when you buy your groceries at New World, you'll get 1 standard Flybuys for every $25 you spend.
Bonus Flybuys are special offers for limited periods of time and are a great way to boost your balance. For example, Z may give 1 extra bonus Flybuys for every Flybuys earned on Car Wash products during January. Here's just a handful of our current bonus Flybuys offers.
And because bonus Flybuys are a bit special, they sometimes take longer than standard Flybuys to be processed and show up in your account (sometimes you'll need to wait until the whole promotion is finished before they get processed, which could be six weeks or so). We appreciate your patience!
The main thing to know is once they're in your account they all have the same value, and get added up to become your total points balance.

Updated: 03 November 2020, 11:58pm

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