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  1. Once voucher(s) have been purchased, they cannot be returned or exchanged for Flybuys Points, Flybuys, cash or other products if you change your mind.
  2. The easiest way is to download the Flybuys mobile app, or you can login to the Flybuys website and go to your Account to see your balances for all the reward currencies.
  3. You can't gift your Flybuys, but if you are earning Flybuys Points as a reward currency you could use them to purchase a gift to send to someone else (including vouchers and gift cards) from the Flybuys Store, or add another person to your account if...
  4. You cannot convert your existing Flybuys points to New World Dollars or New World Giftcards unless it is done under one of the promotions we run in the Flybuys store from time to time.
  5. No, once Flybuys have been converted into a reward currency (whether it's Flybuys Points, Z & Caltex Fuel Discounts, or New World Dollars), they can't be converted into another currency, or back to Flybuys. They will still be available for you to spend...
  6. No. You earn Flybuys, then they are converted into reward currencies at different rates: If your chosen reward currency is Flybuys Points, then effectively your Flybuys convert straight into Points as you earn them (1 Flybuys = 1 Point). However if...
  7. Your Flybuys Points balance will still be available for you to spend in the Flybuys Store until they reach their expiry date. Don't forget you can use Points + Cash to purchase most items if you don't have enough Points.
  8. Once an order has been issued, it cannot be returned or exchanged for Flybuys Points, Flybuys, cash, discounts or other products if you change your mind. If your order is damaged or faulty, please contact us.
  9. You can use your Points for experiences or vouchers on the Flybuys Store. These may be redeem your experience or voucher, rather than posting in the mail. The method of delivery will be detailed on the product listing and on your confirmation email. If...
  10. It can take a wee while for Flybuys to make their way on to your account - some can take a whole month, but they all get there in the end. It's a bit like a credit card statement - sometimes a transaction will miss the cut-off date and slip into the...

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