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  1. If you want to choose New World Dollars as your reward currency from Flybuys, you can join New World Clubcard as part of the currency choice process with Flybuys. Otherwise you can sign up in-store at any New World store, online at or by...
  2. Your New World Clubcard is a fully operational Flybuys card that can be used to collect points at any Flybuys partner. It also has a number of additional benefits for when you shop at New World such as enjoying instant discounts with exclusive Club...
  3. Yes. The maximum permitted New World Dollar balance on a Clubcard at any one time is 2,000 New World Dollars, and the maximum aggregate amount permitted to be available across a 12 month period is 10,000 New World Dollars.
  4. You can set a PIN number on your Clubcard to protect any New World Dollars that are loaded onto it. You can do this on the 'Your security' page when you log in, or contact the Clubcard Helpline on 0800 80 70 70. Remember to keep your PIN safe. If you...
  5. If you've chosen to earn Flybuys on your New World Clubcard, you sure can - your Clubcard is a fully functioning Flybuys card, just with some extra benefits from New World on top!
  6. Your New World Dollars can only be loaded onto a specific New World Clubcard, which works like a giftcard. The Account Owner can choose any New World Clubcard on their Account (even if it belongs to another member). Once selected, that New World...
  7. Yes, if you have a New World Clubcard earning Flybuys, that will show when you sign into the app so you don't miss out on any discount at New World (and it still collects Flybuys at other places like any other Flybuys card).
  8. New World Clubcard is the loyalty programme for New World supermarkets. As well as being able to earn Flybuys, New World Clubcard members also get instant discounts with Club Deals and exclusive entry into competitions and promotions.
  9. Unfortunately at this stage it is not possible to change the nominated New World Clubcard yourself, but we plan to have this feature available very soon. Please contact us and we'll help you out.
  10. We run "Points Swap" promotions in the Flybuys Store from time to time. During those promotions you can convert your Flybuys Points into New World Dollars and get them loaded directly onto your New World Clubcard. Sign up to Flybuys communications to...

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