At Fly Buys, we love to give.

At Fly Buys, we love to give.

Our partners give you points for shopping.
Points for paying your bills.
Points and savings on fuel and groceries.
Points for doing all the things you do anyway.
And in return for those very points, we’ll give you things. Things you want. Useful things. Fun things. Cool experience things. Travel things. And more.

We love to give to everybody.

Here’s some great ways to get more points and more rewards with us.

Save and get more.

Save on groceries at New World and get instant fuel discounts with Z, plus get two lots of points 
when you use your Fly Buys card at our partners and pay with your BNZ Advantage Fly Buys earning credit card.

Get more points.

Here’s some tips on how to get more points, so you can spend them over 4,500 rewards. We’ve got over 40 partners that love to give you points.

Get the best from Fly Buys.

Members like this are getting rewarded for choosing to spend with Fly Buys partners. If you spend with our partners, you could get great rewards like this too.