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Save cash and earn Fly Buys at Z

Get fuel discounts at Z

As a Fly Buys member, you can earn points on your fuel purchases at Z. Plus, you’ll get an instant fuel discount on selected Pumped Days when you swipe your Fly Buys card in store, and sometimes we’ll even pump your points too. 

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How does it work?

Fill up at your local Z station.
Scan your Fly Buys card in store in store or when you Pay at Pump.
Get instant fuel discounts and earn Fly Buys points.

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Frequently asked questions

Need some help? Start with these questions...

1. Why didn’t I get my fuel discount?

The best thing to do is to contact us on 0800 FLY BUYS and talk to one of the team about what you were expecting and what you got. If something is wrong, we'll do our best to put it right.

2. How do you choose who gets Fly Buys Pumped offers?

It's based on customer behaviour and is varied across New Zealand, just like Z's fuel pricing. The offers and who qualifies for them, are all managed by Z.

3. Why are my Fly Buys Pumped offers different?

We run different promotions and offers across the Z network and customers - sometimes they're available through Fly Buys, sometimes through social media and other times they're just available in store. The best way to find out about the offers that...

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4. Can I use my Fly Buys Pumped offers on all types of fuel?

Yes, you can use your Fly Buys Pumped offers for both petrol and diesel purchases at participating Z stations. For more information, head to

5. Can I get Fly Buys Pumped at Pay at Pump?

You can use your Fly Buys Pumped discounts instore or at Pay at Pump

View all other FAQs here.