What happens when a Fly Buys member dies?

We're very sorry to hear of your loss. If the member was an additional cardholder, the account owner can remove their name from the account. If the member was the account owner, there are a few options - give us a ring on 0800 FLY BUYS to discuss.

  • We can close the account completely (and either transfer the points to another account, or not)
  • If there is an additional cardholder, we can make them the new account owner
  • If not, we can make another individual the new account owner

Not sure if they were the account owner or an additional cardholder? Give us a ring and we'll find out for you quicksmart. The only complication is if the account has more than 500 points in it and

a) the person making the request is not an additional cardholder or

b) there are multiple additional cardholders, and the other cardholders have not given their approval.

In these cases we may require entitlement evidence such as approval from someone authorised to manage the deceased's estate and a copy of a Court-produced grant to probate, or if there is no will, a letter of administration confirming the authorisation.

Updated: 07 April 2017, 2:07am

Email or call

If you couldn’t find the answer you were looking for here:

  • Contact us - send us an email & we’ll get back to you within 2 business days
  • Call 0800 FLY BUYS (0800 359 2897) Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm (excluding public holidays)