How do I pay for rewards with points + cash?

.......If you don't have enough points right now, you could still get the rewards you want sooner, by topping up the amount with your credit or debit card.

    You could get your reward using mostly points, and top up with your payment card, or use your points like a discount of higher value items.

1. How does it work?

It's simple.

 o Find a reward in our online store that you can get using points + cash.
 o Choose how many of your points you want to put towards it (minimum of 50 pts)
 o We will show the amount you need to pay with your credit or debit card to get your reward

2. Can I top up with cash on all rewards?

Points + cash is not currently available on vouchers and gift cards, KiwiSaver conversions and roadside assistance. It is available on everything else.

3. What can I use to pay the difference?

You can use a valid Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card, or a valid debit card linked to Visa or MasterCard. We don't accept Diners credit cards. There's a limit of $10,000 on payments using your credit or debit card.

4. Can I get a GST invoice?

Yes. A GST invoice for the cash portion you pay is emailed to you with the order confirmation. Fly Buys will be the business trading name that will appear on your GST invoice.

5. Can I use points + cash to order rewards by phone through the Fly Buys Service Centre?

No. At this stage this service is only available when you order your reward online at

6. Can I get a refund if I return my reward?

We don't give refunds if you change your mind on a reward - so choose wisely. If there's a problem with the product you have ordered we will work with you to either replace the item, or give a refund in some cases. If this happens your points and money get credited back to the accounts they came from.

7. How do you process and handle my credit card details?

When you use your credit or debit card, you will be able to pay online using a secure payment gateway (managed by IP Payments (New Zealand) Limited) that complies with banking industry security standards. Your credit card information is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layers). IP Payments provides your name and credit card type to Fly Buys. This information will be used by Fly Buys and its agents, in accordance with the Fly Buys Membership Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. At no time will Fly Buys have access to or be provided with your full credit card details.

8. What will display on my credit card statement?

The payment amount will show up against Fly Buys. All transactions will be in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

Updated: 18 March 2019, 12:47am

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