Can I use my Fly Buys card overseas?

Your Fly Buys card can only be used in New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t collect any points while you’re out of the country. You see, if you have a Bank of New Zealand credit card or a Fly Buys Visa, you can collect Fly Buys points almost everywhere you shop, not just at Fly Buys partners. So use your BNZ credit card or your Fly Buys Visa to pay for your souvenir T-shirts, and you’ll bring home a stack of Fly Buys points too.

To link your Bank of New Zealand credit card to your Fly Buys account, give BNZ a ring on 0800 800 667. Find out more about Fly Buys Visa.

Updated: 07 April 2017, 1:32am

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