Get travelling sooner with Fly Buys.

Collect and spend points with helloworld Travel on a full range of travel solutions including flights on your favourite airlines (Air New Zealand, Qantas, Emirates and most major carriers), plus cruises and packages. Use your points, or points + cash  to book with helloworld Travel here.

Get points and great prices on all your accommodation with There’s over 2 million properties worldwide to choose from, including hotels, resorts, hostels and more. Just select Fly Buys and enter your card number when you register with

There’s so many ways to get rewarded when you travel with Fly Buys. We’ve got you covered for car hire with Europcar and camping at Kiwi Holiday Parks. Plus, don’t forget to use your Fly Buys earning BNZ Advantage Visa credit card to get even more points on your holiday spending.


See below for more about how to earn and spend points on travel.


How to earn points on your travel

helloworld Travel

Book flights or accommodation, cruises, packages and more with helloworld Travel. Find out more.

$50 = 1 pt

Kiwi holiday parks

Camping, cabins and motels around New Zealand with Kiwi Holiday Parks.

$20 = 1 pt

Vehicle rentals

Get points on car hire, in NZ and overseas with Europcar.

Find out more

Ways to spend your points on travel

helloworld Travel

Book flights online with helloworld Travel or talk to an agent for specialist help with all your travel needs.

Use your points for Events & Activities

Choose from a variety of Events & Activities around New Zealand.

Rental cars

Purchase a voucher for car hire in New Zealand.

Accommodation rewards

Choose from a selection of motels around NZ with our accommodation rewards.