Watch how to order your reward from the Flybuys Store

Finding the products you want to purchase is easy with the Flybuys Store Digital Guide. Watch the video to see how to order your reward to redeem your Points on the Flybuys Store. 



Steps on how to redeem your Points on the Flybuys Store

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Make your Points go further with Points + Cash

Use Points or a combination of Points + Cash to get the goodies you want from the Flybuys Store.

Choose how many of your Points you want to spend on your item and the remaining amount you need to pay by credit or debit card to purchase your item will be displayed.

A minimum of 5 Points applies to your cart when you use Points + Cash.

Points + Cash is not currently available for the purchase of gift cards, some vouchers, flights, New World Dollars via Points Swap or Kiwisaver conversions.

Click here for full terms and conditions.