4WD Turbo Evo Rally Drive in Waikato
2,995 pts

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You will drive a full race spec Mitsubishi Evo 4wd turbo rally car through a 4.9km forest stage, then Jump in the passenger set for a flat out experience with a professional rally driver.

On arrival to the 4WD Turbo Evo Rally Drive, you will enjoy a briefing on rally driving with a group of 6 other students followed by a tour of the rally stage explaining all the safety areas and road surfaces in our Nissan safari. You will then get behind the steering wheel of our Evo Lancer and have one of our tutors coach you around our 4.9km stage at real rally speeds on our famous Maramarua forest stage, once regularly used by Possum Bourne for testing. Once complete step you will hope in our Evo +6 with a top driver to show you the real skill at speeds of 160 kms per hour.

What's Included?

  • Briefing on rally driving
  • Tour of the rally stage
  • Drive a 4WD Turbo Evo Rally car
  • Hot lap with a professional driver

*Driver must have a full license.

4WD Turbo Evo Rally Drive in Waikato
2,995 pts

  • 46065 2,995 pts

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