ALOGIC USB-C Desktop Slim Dock With Power Delivery - Black
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The Alogic USB-C Desktop slim Dock is designed to enhance the functionality of your USB-C enabled laptop.


  • The dock features (1) HDMI, (1)VGA, (1) DisplayPort (3) USB 3.0 (USB-A) Ports, (1) USB-C with Power Delivery, (1) 3.5mm Audio Jack (1) RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet and SD/Micro SD card slots 
  • USB-C: One cable for Power, Video & Data: The dock connects to your USB-C enabled laptop by just one single USB-C cable to charge your laptop, transfer data, connect to an ultra HD display, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio and memory card at the same time. This feature eliminates the hassle of connecting multiple cables for power and data separately to your laptop. 
  • The docking station supports USB-C PD(Power Delivery) and can charge your laptop with up to 60W of power through the USB-C connection. 
  • Desktop Slim Dock: Compact with a very small footprint for ease of use on a desk. Aluminium construction makes the dock lightweight and rugged at the same time.

ALOGIC USB-C Desktop Slim Dock With Power Delivery - Black
1,310 pts

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