Fun Feeder - Large (Donation)
170 pts

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Use your points to send this reward to the SPCA.  Each year, thousands of New Zealand animals are being deliberately harmed, neglected or abandoned. The SPCA has a mission where all animals are treated with compassion and respect. By giving SPCA this reward, you can help.


Please enter the below address as the delivery address to make sure SPCA receives this reward.


50 Westney Road,


Auckland 2022


Make a direct difference to our furry and feathered friends at SPCA with Points for Purpose and Fly Buys. 


Because puppies are all about play, they tend to eat too quickly and don’t digest their food properly. This feeder makes sure food takes up to 10x longer to eat, which improves digestion while helping furry friends eat at a fun, healthy pace.

Fun Feeder - Large (Donation)
170 pts

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Enter this address when you purchase this product and we’ll send it directly to the SPCA: SPCA 50 Westney Road, Mangere Auckland 2022

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