New Zealand Listener
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The New Zealand Listener is New Zealand’s highest-selling and best-read current affairs magazine. Each week the Listener brings you the latest commentary and insight from award-winning writers and columnists. An energising read, full of witty insight and award-winning investigative journalism, this is the magazine that has been setting New Zealand’s agenda since 1939.

  • 6 month subscription, 26 issues 
  • 12 month subscription, 51 issues

Subscription will commence from next available issue. Please allow four to five weeks following your redemption to receive your first issue.

New Zealand Listener
230 pts

  • 70421 3 month subscription (12 issues) 230 pts
  • 36513 6 month subscription (26 issues). 485 pts
  • 39927 1 year subscription (51 issues) 955 pts

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