Possum and Merino Kids Glove and Beanie Set (Donation)
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Use your points to send this reward to Barnardos.  Every child deserves a healthy and happy life, but unfortunately some children live in poverty and don’t have access to the things we take for granted.


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Make a direct difference to children living in poverty with Points for Purpose and Fly Buys. 


Unfortunately some children in New Zealand are forced to suffer in the cold. Made from a luxurious blend of Possum Fur and Merino Lambswool, this beanie and gloves set to fit kids aged 6-10 will make a very big difference to a child in need.


  • This yarn blend is used to create an extremely light, soft and luxurious gloves and beanie that will keep your child warm without bulk.
  • Proudly made in New Zealand.
  • Available in Black, Denim and Red

Possum and Merino Kids Glove and Beanie Set (Donation)
205 pts

  • 60750 Red 205 pts
  • 60751 Denim 205 pts
  • 60752 Black 205 pts

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Enter this address when you purchase this product and we’ll send it directly to Barnardos to pass onto a family in need: Barnardos Suite 1-5, 72 Dominion Road Mt Eden, Auckland 1024.

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