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WE DO NOT DELIVER TO THE NORTH ISLAND. If you require delivery in the North Island please contact 0800 THE PRESS or 03 364 8464 to discuss postal subscription options

The Press prides itself on providing the most comprehensive coverage of news and advertising in the South Island, and has earned the reputation as being one of the best daily newspapers in the country. It is a dedication to honest, reliable and in depth journalism that has ensured The Press’ continued success since it was first published in 1861.

Frequency: 6 days a week Monday to Saturday

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The Press Subscription
1,715 pts

  • 53745 6 month urban subscription - 156 issues 1,715 pts
  • 53746 12 month urban subscription - 311 issues 3,430 pts
  • 53751 12 month rural subscription - 311 issues 3,690 pts

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