Torpedo7 Junior Dragsta 33"" Towable Bodyboard
345 pts

About this item


  • Durable XPE deck for comfort
  • Super hard HDPE slick for amazing slide
  • Lightweight EPS core for durability
  • Ultimate leash 


How to attach Ultimate leash:

  • Hook the handle rope loops over the leash quick release plug. 
  • Make the first knot to engage leash with plug loop. 
  • Make the second knot for extra safety. 
  • Tighten the loop and the leash.
  • Move the cap down to cover the knot. 

How to Ride:

  • Choose a shallow area of water with no rocks or debris that may contact the board. 2. The rider can lie or kneel on the board and hold onto the handles. 
  • Pull leash slowly until tight. 
  • Walk pulling the rider along slowly until the board starts aquaplaning. 
  • Once at a good speed for the rider get creative. Dramatic change in direction will arc the trajectory of the board and will generate greater speed. 
  • Take care not to exceed a comfortable speed / spin for the rider. After use, rinse your board with fresh water. Never leave your board exposed to sunlight for long periods of time as it may damage the board. 

Torpedo7 Junior Dragsta 33"" Towable Bodyboard
345 pts

  • 73729 Blue/White 345 pts
  • 73730 Pink/White 345 pts
  • 73731 Lime Green 345 pts

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