Twelve South Action Sleeve for Apple Watch - Black
240 pts

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The Apple Watch is the most advanced health & fitness device ever, but the wrist is not always the perfect place to wear it.

Sports like Kickboxing, Weightlifting and CrossFit often require protective sports gear and full wrist mobility that can rule out the use of Apple Watch on the wrist.

Enter ActionSleeve. ActionSleeve straps your Apple Watch to your upper arm or bicep - off your wrist - but still fully viewable and controllable. ActionSleeve's outer frame adds protection from nicks and dings and with tighter, more consistent skin contact, it can even improve heart rate monitoring. ActionSleeve gives you a whole new way to utilize Apple Watch - beyond the wrist.
Out of harm’s way, but not out of reach.
The silicone bumper on ActionSleeve protects your Apple Watch and securely holds it during the most vigorous training regimens. Recessed inside ActionSleeve the Apple Watch face is protected during even the toughest workouts. Strapped safely on your bicep, it’s is also within easy reach to start your workout and track your progress. Switching apps, pausing a workout or setting a timer is as easy as can be. Add bluetooth headphones, and it’s like running with your favorite iPod armband all over again.

  • 38-L Fits arms 10" to 15" (38cm)
  • 42-S Fits arms 9" to 13" (32cm)
  • 42-L Fits arms 11" to 17" (43cm)

Twelve South Action Sleeve for Apple Watch - Black
240 pts

  • 71708 38mm - Large 240 pts
  • 71709 42mm - Small 240 pts
  • 71710 42mm - Large 240 pts

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