Wasgij Original #27 1000pc Puzzle - The 20th Party Parade
165 pts

About this item

Wasgij is the hilarious puzzle concept where the image on the box is simply a clue to the puzzle inside. Only the puzzle holds the answer!

The 20th Party Parade depicts crowds of familiar-faced fans who have all rushed out to buy the special edition Wasgij jigsaw puzzle!

While everyone scrambles to grab their favourite Wasgij puzzles, something has caught their eye outside the store. Who or what could be outside of the shop to make so many Wasgij fans so delighted?
Try to imagine you are the Vicar in the black top and piece together what he can see!

Don't puzzle what you see... use your imagination!

Age 8 + years
Made in New Zealand

Wasgij Original #27 1000pc Puzzle - The 20th Party Parade
165 pts

  • 69485 165 pts

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