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Brenthaven Tred Alpha Backpack

Brenthaven Tred Beta Backpack

Kagi 14k Gold Baroque Hoops

Kagi 14k Gold Bubble Studs

Kagi 14k Gold Helix Petite Bracelet

Kagi 14k Rose Bubble Studs

Kagi 14k Rose Helix Petite Bracelet

Kagi 14k Rose Orbit Charm

Kagi 14k Rose Orbit Ear Charms

Kagi Baroque Hoops

Kagi Brushed Silver Nightfall Earrings

Kagi Celestial Ear Charms

Kagi Champagne Bubbles Ear Charms

Kagi Day To Night Ear Charms

Kagi Double Halo Earrings Gold

Kagi Double Halo Earrings Silver

Kagi Droplet Earrings

Kagi Falling Star Earrings Gold

Kagi Falling Star Earrings Silver

Kagi Freshwater Seed Pearl Studs Gold

Kagi Freshwater Seed Pearl Studs Silver

Kagi Jet Black Drops

Kagi Jet Black Stud Earrings

Kagi Jet Orbit Studs

Kagi Kids Gold Bolero Bracelet

Kagi Kids Rose Bolero Bracelet

Kagi Kids Silver Bolero Bracelet

Kagi Midnight Opera Necklace 49cm

Kagi Orbit Studs

Kagi Rose Pearl Eternity Studs

Kagi Rose Steel Me Petite 80cm

Kagi Sapphire Orbit Ear Charms

Kagi Sapphire Orbit Pendant

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