American Dirt - Jeanine Cummins
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Vivid, visceral, utterly compelling, American Dirt is the first novel to explore the experience of attempting to illegally cross the US-Mexico border.

Lydia Quixano Perez lives in Acapulco with her journalist husband and son. A regular visitor to her bookshop becomes a special confidante and friend, so imagine her surprise when she discovers he's the ruthless chief of a drugs cartel - about whom her husband has written a major profile - and her world is about to change forever.

Those of us who read reports of the drugs scene in Mexico, and follow the stories of South American immigrants attempting to reach America will find some of it familiar but in the hands of this author it becomes personal, desperate, and all too believable.

Format: Paperback


American Dirt - Jeanine Cummins
255 pts

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