Ecoya Reed Diffuser
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Ecoya Reed Diffuser
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The Reed Diffuser is perfect for those small spaces and niche places, this delicate fragrance diffuser lasts up to six months. Glass decanter with silver lid, premium fragranced oil, natural reeds, 200ml.

Lemongrass & Ginger Our oriental influences of Indonesian ginger and freshly cut lemongrass, muddled with mint and aromatic herbs, create a classically balanced and lively fragrance.

Cedarwood & Leather A gentle touch of vetiver and bergamot drift over a warm mix of leather, clove and cedarwood creating a deep, enveloping fragrance.

Guava & Lychee Sorbet Tropical layers of ripe guava nectar are interwoven with a lively, Queensland lychee-inspired scent and a cocktail of berries, creating a warm, voluptuous fragrance.

Vanilla Bean Influenced by the velvety, full-bodied Pacific vanilla bean and folded with creamy tones of butterscotch to create an indulgent, luxurious fragrance.

Sweet Pea & Jasmine Capturing the essence of sweet pea and Australasian white jasmine, uplifting notes of watermelon and cucumber round out a fragrance which is both floral and elegant.

Lotus Flower The influence of Australian white lotus flower, infused with deep shades of Pacific vanilla and patchouli, create a warm and delicately spicy mix that is both sensual and relaxing.

French Pear The essence of a crisp, tree-ripened Queensland pear is captured and blended with a hint of the creamiest vanilla and infused with clove for a rich, sophisticated scent.

Spiced Ginger & Musk East meets West as the influences of spicy Indonesian ginger and iris open up to a warm heart of vanilla, amber and patchouli, establishing a future classic fragrance.

Coconut & Elderflower Delicious caramel, the essences of Indonesian coconut and New Zealand elderflower inspire an invigorating fruit cocktail scent with lime, bergamot, lemon and pineapple.

Blue Cypress & Amber A warm base of amber, folded through an Australian blue cypress-inspired and myrrh fragrance, with just a hint of honey-dried tropical fruits for a delicate finish.



Ecoya Reed Diffuser
320 pts

  • 33706 French Pear 320 pts
  • 33707 Vanilla Bean 320 pts
  • 33708 Lotus Flower 320 pts
  • 33709 Sweet Pea & Jasmine 320 pts
  • 37910 Elderflower & Coconut 320 pts
  • 47457 Guava & Lychee 320 pts
  • 53992 Blue Cypress & Amber 320 pts
  • 53993 Spiced Ginger & Musk 320 pts
  • 53994 Cedarwood & Leather 320 pts

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