Google Nest Mini
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The Google Nest Mini lets you conveniently listen to your favourite music, get important weather information or news through Google, or have Google Assistant organise your schedule, making it a practical addition to your modern, smart home. It's also wall-mount ready, making it easy to place in different parts of your home


  • Play Your Music: The Google Nest Mini lets you quickly stream music from various media services, including Spotify and YouTube music, letting you enjoy listening to your preferred songs, artists, albums, or genres. It can also stream media directly from your phone. 
  • Smart Convenience: Integrated with Google Assistant, the Nest Mini provides easy access to news, weather, and various search queries. Use it to set timers and alarms, carry out calls, manage your schedule, and create reminders for added convenience. 
  • Knowing you: Incorporating Voice Match technology, the Google Nest Mini's Google Assistant conveniently provides you with personalized information about your daily activities once it recognizes your voice. Be updated on your schedule, commute time, and reminders right away. 
  • Handsfree: Thanks to its built-in Google Assistant, the Nest Mini lets you control your smart home through voice commands. You can quickly and easily dim the lights, turn on the fan, or pause the TV handsfree.

Available in Chalk and Charcoal. Choose in store.

Google Nest Mini
545 pts

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