THREE LLAMAS Essence Espresso 500g
160 pts

About this item

Our Viva Organic Espresso is a full flavour and balanced espresso.

Pick up a cup to drink it and take in the rich aroma with hints of berryfruit and honey while drinking its wonderfully smooth and creamy body. This is an exceptional coffee that will be a delight and will impress coffee drinkers. You will come back for more. Three Llamas’ core values are of flavour, health and wellbeing (“Good for your body and mind”) and it is reflected in all of our products
All of our roasts are gourmet single origin blends with distinctive flavours found in Cajamarca, Northern Perú (sweetly aromatic, rich and creamy).
We do gourmet organic espresso and plunger/filter coffee too
All of our Coffee is 100% ethically sourced
We know where our coffee comes from because we visit our growers on their plantations regularly

THREE LLAMAS Essence Espresso 500g
160 pts

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  • 76130 Plunger 160 pts
  • 76131 Stove Top 160 pts

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