Wildlife Sanctuary Tour by Torchlight - Child
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A torchlight tour in this wildlife sanctuary is your best opportunity to see kiwi, glowworms, tuatara and a host of other Indigenous wildlife in their natural habitat.

What's Included?
Night time entry to the wildlife sanctuary
2.5 hour guided tour
This wildlife sanctuary only a few minutes drive from Wellington CBD is one of the best places to see rare and endangered New Zealand wildlife in their native environment. With the help of a specially-built predator-proof fence, you can see threatened species once again thriving in our the sanctuary.

Come to experience some of New Zealand’s most iconic residents, such as tuatara, New Zealand’s living dinosaur; kaka, our playful bush parrot; saddleback, hihi, bellbird and many more; come to learn the sanctuary's fascinating stories.

Wildlife Sanctuary Tour by Torchlight - Child
275 pts

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